Sunflower Pumpkin Brush Deshedder

(4.8/5 rated by more than 20,345 satisfied customers)

Stainless steel, Pain-free bristles, perfectly curved edge.

Efficiently removes the loose hair without cutting the fur.

Made from stainless steel, HTPE, and ABS materials.

Easy operation with one click start button

It helps to reduce shedding by up to 99%.

More than 40,000 satisfied customers

Sunflower Pumpkin Brush Deshedder: Waterproof and Easy to Clean- Shedding and Grooming Tool

The Professional Pet Grooming Brush for Safe, Relax, and Efficient Grooming.

Remove Loose Hair, Fur, Undercoat, Mats, Tangled Hair, knots, etc. from your lovely pet.

1. The Most Advanced Deshedder

The technology of this advanced deshedder is perfect for your unique pet. The safe, effective, and relaxing professional grooming makes your pet special. This unique design confirms achieving the optimal results to reduce the loose hairs from your pet’s body.

2. Effective But Safe

Professionals design this special brush to meet the effective functionality to its best. The distinctive design with a one-click clean button, pain-free bristles, and non-slip striped handle make it safe and most effective.

3. Perfectly Does Its Job

The curved rounded stainless steel with pain-free bristles makes sure to reach the topcoat of the pet’s body effectively. It cleans the loose hair without harming your lovely pet's fur. It doesn’t cut fur but effectively grooms your pet.

Testimonials from our satisfied customers


We have 6 kitties, and this brush is super easy to use and hold at the same time. With the push of your thumb on the button, you can lightly shake the fur off in a little round clump and then continue to brush them.

BigSky 2060

This is a great cat brush. I love that you push a button, and the hair is totally ejected. Very easy. But more importantly, my cat loves it. This is the first brush he has liked.

L. Ramge

This is the only pet brush that my big boys will tolerate - and I have a basket full of rejects! They actually lie still while I brush them and actually seem to like it (a little bit).


I bought this for my mother, who has a very long-haired cat. She loves it. The brush part pops up by pushing a button to allow hair removal.

Linda Reckart

My cat loves this, and just as the video shows, the fur comes right out. Got rid of that winter coat very easily. He is so shiny now.

Amy Brady

This item works exactly as described. My cat is 16 and sheds so much. He loves sitting and getting brushed. This makes for easy cleanup. Love this item. Got one for all my cat friends too.

What’s included?

1 X Brush

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Sunflower Pumpkin Brush Deshedder

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