Submersible Mini Water Pump

(4.8/5 rated by more than 20,345 satisfied customers)

Made of high-grade ABS material.

Input: AC 220-240V, 50 HZ, 6 W.

Maximum Head Height (Hmax): 0.6 m

Maximum Flow Rate (Qmax): 350 L/H

IPX8 rating for water resistance

360° water absorption for efficient water circulation

Small size, high efficiency, and low noise level (37 dB).

Submersible motor with low power consumption.

Temperature control, built-in dry, fireproof chip

Detachable and cleanable design for easy maintenance.

These pumps are used in aquariums, fountains, etc.

More than 40,000 satisfied customers.

A high-performance water-submersible pump is ideal for fish tanks or aquariums, providing low noise and excellent performance for optimal water supply.

The pump removes fish waste and contaminants by sucking in the surrounding water.

This product is a multi-purpose water pump with low power consumption, low noise, balanced speed, reliable operation, a long service life, easy disassembly and cleaning, and easy maintenance. It is made of high-grade material that is non-toxic, safe, energy-saving, durable, and friendly to the environment.

High-Grade and Safe

Made of high-grade materials, this pump is wear-resistant, non-toxic, and safe to use. It's operated with high efficiency and energy savings. Temperature protection automatically shuts down to protect the pump. The pump sucks water, effectively cleaning fish feces and impurities in the tank and ensuring clean water. It has a handle and is very simple to carry.

Quiet and Reliable

Turn on the power plug for quick drainage of the water. The pump features a reliable and durable motor that operates quietly, producing noise levels as low as 35 dB. This ensures a peaceful environment without compromising its performance. The water pump can be started at a water level of 5cm and can be as low as 1cm when pumping water.

Stable and Versatile

Equipped with an 11mm nozzle and threaded fitting, this water submersible pump offers stability during operation, ensuring a consistent water flow. Oil-free magnetic-driven motors can be used for various applications such as aquarium fish tanks, garden fountains, flowing water crafts, water-cooled air-conditioning fans, mechanical equipment, and other fields.

Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Stephen R.

The first time I used it, I was amazed at how fast it emptied the wading pool. I wasn’t prepared for it to work that well. This is a great little pump.

Jason S.

I bought this pump a year ago. It has been on constantly without fault for a year. The excellent item performs effectively.

Santos C.

I purchased this to assist with my weekly water changes in my 90-gallon tank. This has cut my operational time tremendously.

Jennifer G.

Very powerful, too powerful for what I wanted it for. I used this pump for my outside water feature. Works great.

Lorinda J.

I have tried everything to clean my turtle tank over the last six months. Today it took 4 minutes to empty a 50-gallon tank. I highly recommend this little guy! I have a duck pond that I’m going to try next.

Mildred B.

It is amazing how easily it sucks up water. I replaced my Cloner water pump with this one; it was the perfect size.

What’s included?

1 x Water Submersible Pump Mini

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Submersible Mini Water Pump

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