Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes

(4.8/5 rated by more than 20,345 satisfied customers)

Made from premium synthetic fibres.

Easy to use and remove without any residue left on the skin.

Non-allergic, Reusable, and Washable.

The curling radiant design makes your eye looks awesome.

The self-adhesive makes it easy to take them on and off.

More than 40,000 satisfied customers

Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes-Makes Makeup Easy.

Creating beautiful eyelashes takes up to only 3 seconds to make you more gorgeous.

Simplify your makup process and makes your eyes more attractive within 3 seconds!

1. Simplify Your Makeup Process

The reusable eyelashes are easy and fast to apply. You don’t need any glue or eyeliner. Its self-adhesive technology takes only 3 seconds to apply. Makes your eye look more beautiful in no time. It saves you lots of time and simplifies your makeup process.

2. Reusable and Washable

The synthetic fibre lashes are reusable and washable. The replaceable adhesive strips are effective and won’t fall off even after long and repeated use. It is more hygienic, sanitary, and healthy to use for a long time. Wash it, wear it, and make yourself gorgeous looking.

3. The Natural Lashes

The false lashes are natural in colour and have natural curves that blend with your original lashes. It looks authentic; anyone can’t notice it if you let them know. Its curvy design allows your eyelash open and creates a rounder shape to make your eye brighter and more beautiful.

Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Emerson Cassin

I've been trying lash products for years, but I have never been able to glue on lashes! I've spent hundreds of dollars trying different eyelash products. I chose these based on someone else's review! I can get them on quickly, and they stay on all day. I bought a second set immediately!! Even nicer was the thank you, I received for trying the lashes...I have yet to receive a thank you from any business I've purchased from on Amazon....yes I will keep using these lashes, and yes, I recommend them to anyone who struggles to put on the traditional glue lashes!!!

Leora Gutmann

Got this for my wife, and here’s her review: love these lashes. Comes in cute packaging, and the case is very cute. There are two types of lashes. One for everyday wear and another for a glam look. Love that it comes with self-adhesive, so there is no need for extra glue, which also makes the application very easy.

Marty Ferry

The self-adhesive is forgiving and easy to remove for multiple adjustments yet strong enough to stay for a long time. I put them on in the morning after washing the face but applied skincare and cosmetic after like the instructions told me, so it stayed for at least 8 hours! I washed them with hand soap and water and aired them dry before storing them back in the cute Diamond box. It’s reusable, too, like those bra pasties that you can reuse many, many, many times! Love them!

Heber Satterfield

These didn't really work for me, but customer service was so great. They got back to me right away and did everything to make it right. Would buy from this seller again.

Misty Schmidt

Love these lashes! I will for sure buy more of these lashes in the near future. They are very natural looking and easy to put on. Super soft and not heavy at all. They are perfect and quick for an everyday look. Thank You! Jen Carson

Marieta A. Ranola

For me and for my grand daughter, this is really awesome to have something like this. Very satisfied!

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1 X Eyelashes

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Reusable Adhesive Eyelashes

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