Furniture Repair Kit

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🌟 Constructed from premium ABS and resin materials.

🔧 Ideal for both DIY enthusiasts and experienced users.

🎨 The kit encompasses versatile materials in popular colors.

🛠️ Effectively repairs laminate flooring and wooden furnishings.

✨ Effortlessly handles minor scratches and damage.

🎨 Save money from expensive floor repair services

🤝 User-friendly, versatile, and durable filler sticks.

🪑 Restore dull furniture to its former glory.

👥 Over 40,000 satisfied customers have purchased this product.

Are you still worried about scratches, pet marks, cracks, dents, or damage to your wooden furniture and floor? Fear not! Our Floor Furniture Repair Kit consumables will help you fix those problems.

Scratches or damage can be effortlessly repaired

Begin by selecting the desired tone. Next, use buffers to smooth out the damaged area. Then, use a melting tool to melt the wax filler. Apply small amounts of the melted wax to the damaged area, blending it with the surrounding wood tones. Allow it to dry, and then use buffers to achieve a smooth finish. Lastly, remember to turn off the wax melting tool after use.

Easy to use and reliable

The furniture repair kit is made from durable materials like ABS, rubber, sponge, and wax, making it easy to use, precise, and long-lasting. It includes filler sticks for easy repair of minor scratches and damage. Using this furniture repair kit provides long-lasting results.

Perfect for many places

This repair kit is ideal for various locations, including homes, workplaces, schools, and hotels. It effectively addresses furniture issues like cuts, scratches, burns, and holes, especially on laminate floors and wood surfaces, ensuring durability and reliability.

11 Color Wax Blocks

This kit is designed for DIY and experienced individuals, offering tools for minor scratches and damage on various surfaces, including laminates, work surfaces, machines, and cabinets. It comes in 11 wax colors, from A to K, allowing multiple repairs.

Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Noah Wilson

It's a must-have for DIY enthusiasts like us. It does an excellent job with furniture and cabinets.

Patrick Price

It's excellent, simple and effective. I fixed a small scratch on my window frame.

Jonathan King

I've had my kitchen remodeled like a pro! This multi-purpose kit offers a good color range.

Frank Lee

I've saved money on repairs; even the wooden surfaces match nicely.

John Robinson

Easy touch-up. The filler stick was easy to use and worked great.

Charlie Lewis

Light scratches are effortlessly repaired with 11 wax block color options.

What’s included?

11 x Wax block 1 x Electric heat pen 1 x Sponge sweat bag 1 x Scraper block 1 x Cleaning pen cover

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Furniture Repair Kit

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