Food Defrosting Plate

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Made of metal alloy

4 small feet at base

Lightweight and easy to clean

Thickness: approx. : 1.5 mm

More than 40,000 satisfied customers

This defrost method is based on the principle of thermal transfer, much more natural and economical than the oven or microwave. Its super thermal conductivity accelerates food defrosting without the need for electricity.

Lightweight and easy to clean.

It is very useful for quickly defrosting meat, fish, or any food. Simply place frozen food on this non-stick metal tray and they will defrost up to four times faster without losing their properties and nutrients. Made of alloy metal. 4 small feet on the base.

1. Quality Construction

For defrosting naturally, while keeping the food completely safe, the rapid defrosting tray is primarily manufactured using finest grade Aluminum with solvent-based silicone coating, which makes a perfect pick for making trays. Aluminum helps to accelerate the warmth, by pulling the heat from the surroundings, effectively and efficiently, thus, defrosting quickly.

2. Defrosting Time

It certainly depends on how thick or thin the slice of the frozen food is; the aluminum thawing plate uses conduction that helps transfer warmth evenly across the surface of the tray and needs no pre-heating, also it stays cool. It takes approximately 30-60 minutes for large, thick pieces of frozen chicken breasts, pork chops, fish, steak, or lamb chops, while the smaller and thinner items defrost 3 to 5 times faster.

3. Spaciously Designed

The meat defrosting tray has a large and flat surface that makes thawing much easier and owing to its spacious design, you can easily accommodate multiple frozen items; this exterminates the need to rotate through a microwave repeatedly. Simply keep the frozen piece of meat over the surface directly and let it defrost naturally, followed by keeping the same on a plate until it is ready to be cooked.

Testimonials from our satisfied customers


At first, I was a bit skeptical, but after many uses, it is a must-have in the kitchen. Frozen food defrosts faster, it is very easy to clean and does its job perfectly.

Wanda D. Michels

I wanted to buy this article, intrigued by the various videos that are scattered on the social networks, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. This plate actually defrosts frozen foods in half the time. Obviously, it is always better to turn the food to be defrosted once or more, once it has been placed on the tray.


I gave this gift to my grandmother because she always forgets to defrost dinner on time and now she is so happy. I don't know for what physical principle this plate works, but the fact remains that it works perfectly and does its job in a short time.

Sandra D.

Personally, I couldn't do without it anymore ... It decreases the defrosting time a lot. Nothing is wasted if a guest confirms with short notice ... 👍👍


Fabulous! Competitive price, it works very well, it is very easy to clean. Finally, a product that does what it says! Recommended!

Nathan J. Gabriele

I didn't believe it but it really good! In 30 minutes she defrosts the roast for me. And I just had to take it out of the freezer and put it on top. For smaller foods, it takes less. Useful

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Food Defrosting Plate

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Aluminum with Solvent-Based Silicone coating

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