Bathroom Gap Cleaning Brush (2 pcs)

(4.8/5 rated by more than 20,345 satisfied customers)

Durable bristles and an ergonomic handle for comfortable cleaning.

Crafted from high-quality PP materials for durability and toughness.

Portable and versatile, suitable for various surfaces.

Safe for all surfaces, including delicate materials like marble.

Time and energy-saving, perfect for hard-to-reach spots.

Easy to clean and store with convenient hanging holes.

Over 40,000 satisfied customers have purchased this product.

Professional crevice gap cleaning brush for corners and crevices

Ultimate Cleaning Brush Assistant simplifies household cleaning.

Enhance Your Home Cleaning with the Gap Cleaning Brush. Whether it's kitchen surfaces, bathroom tiles, or outdoor furniture, this handheld tool tackles tough stains. Its durable, comfortable handle and sturdy bristles scrub away stubborn dirt, debris, soap residue, grease, and oil.

Designed for Durability

The brush is crafted from solid materials like PP or PA, ensuring a sturdy handle and tough, long-lasting bristles. This Brush can tackle various cleaning tasks while maintaining its excellent shape over time. Say goodbye to flimsy and unreliable bathroom cleaning brushes.

Multi-purpose Gap Brush

Its robust construction, ergonomic handle, and durable bristles offer powerful scrubbing while ensuring a comfortable grip. This versatile cleaning brush suits all surface types, including tiles, ceramics, hardwood, stone, glass, granite, quartz, and even prized marble countertops.

Easy to Keep Clean

Wash it with water to restore its brand-new appearance. Utilize the holes in the handle to hang it up, saving space and keeping it organized. Whether cleaning windows, shower tracks, sinks, or toilets, this brush will effortlessly keep your home sparkling clean and safe for all surfaces.

Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Gary S.

This little brush is fantastic. I paired it with Soft Scrub with bleach. I have never found any scrubby or brush that seemed to get the grout clean. It didn't take much work, either. I didn't do a before and after, but you can see the parts in the photo I did and the parts I didn't do (the black grout). My thumb cramped slightly, but that is to be expected. I can not recommend this enough. An excellent specialized tool!

Tom L.

It's worked well. It's not a genius product, a stiff brush with a handle, but it is innovative because it's thin enough to get where the grout is. If you have regular tile, like in not polished natural stone, use vinegar and baking soda to clean the grout. You could also use Comet if you don't mind the chemicals. I only used baking soda and water since we have natural stone tile and a septic system. I was pleased with the results.

Steve M.

I purchased this on an old tile shower filled with black mould that I was trying to restore and crossed my fingers that it would work. I was shocked at how well it did and wished I'd taken before and after photos. It takes elbow grease like any other brush, but the stiff bristles don't budge and maintain contact the whole time rather than flattening with the scrubbing pressure. I used a heavy-duty foaming bathroom cleaner and was floored at how much better the tile looks.

Morris W.

It's a very narrow grout brush. It's incredibly stiff, as grout brushes should be, and easy to hold and use. It's incredibly narrow, though. It feels like I'm using a knife rather than a brush. It's great for window and slider tracks because it's so narrow, but I would prefer a less stiff brush for that type of job. Overall, this is excellent for the intended use.

Andrew E.

It's the 3rd or 4th brush I've tried for shower grout, including a toothbrush. It's SO sturdy you can angle it up or down while you're in the crease of the grout. I used toilet bowl cleaner with bleach on my shower walls. Amazing!

Charles G.

I have only used this once, but it worked great on the grout on my tile floor. I want to try it on the wall tile grout in the bathroom. Hoping it works as well, but it may need to be thick enough to fit between the tiles. Regardless, this is the best grout brush I have found.

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2 X Bathroom Gap Cleaning Brush

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Bathroom Gap Cleaning Brush (2 pcs)

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